Difference And Privilege

A new way of working with prejudice and power imbalance.


This is a workshop for anybody with an interest in looking at difference and diversity from another perspective. Ordinarily, difference and diversity training focuses on disadvantage, but privilege is the less well understood, and often more uncomfortable side of the equation. Power imbalance in the counselling room is something many practitioners seek to address, and yet it is often out of our awareness. The workshop seeks to help us understand the barriers we all face as human beings to being fully aware of and owning our power and privilege. It is person-centred in approach, and thus is concerned with exploration rather than providing concrete answers.

The day is a challenging but fulfilling journey into self-awareness that avoids the “us and them” dynamics that often occur on diversity/equal opportunities courses. It is recommended for anyone who would like to explore this subject in all its complexity, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

The Day Explores:

  • What privilege means.
  • The privileges we all possess and the barriers we may face accepting this.
  • How we can create a safe enough environment for people to explore their privilege without shame and defensiveness.
  • How acknowledgement of these issues has the potential to deepen self-awareness and relationship.
  • An intersectional look at the many areas where difference and privilege play out in society, for example, in race and culture, in gender and sexual identity, in class, and in ability.

Feedback from previous participants of this course:

“What an amazing experience in a group where people felt able to be how they wanted to be.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the open discussions. I’m still mulling things over.”

“Calm and supportive presence in facilitating the group”

“I Enjoyed the workshop very much, it raised a lot of questions and I shall be processing it all for some time.”

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