The Impact Of Trauma On Learning


According to the NSPCC, about 1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse, a common cause of complex trauma. This means there will be traumatised learners in every classroom and tutor group, although they may not always be recognised as such. This half-day event will focus on helping educators understand how trauma, particularly complex trauma (from early and prolonged exposure to traumatising incidents), affects the lives of students and impacts their ability to learn. We will look at what students may need to overcome these barriers to learning, and what part educators can play in assisting this.

This course is appropriate for teachers, course managers, tutors, support teams, and mentors, who are working directly or indirectly with students who may have experienced trauma.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Raise understanding of the causes of trauma, particularly complex trauma.
  • Develop an ability to recognise the signs of trauma.
  • Explore the different ways trauma manifests in students’ behaviour and impacts on their learning, and at times, the behaviour of those around them.
  • Understand what helps trauma survivors engage with learning and what does not help.
  • Introduce a relational model of support and healing.

About Sam:

Sam Hope is a BACP Accredited therapist with an MA in Trauma Studies and extensive experience working in the fields of domestic and sexual abuse. Through years of work as a school and university counsellor, Sam developed a particular interest in the impact of trauma on learning and engagement. Sam is also an experienced trainer, working throughout the education and the third sector.

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