Trans Awareness Training

Would you like to feel more confident and competent to work with trans and gender diverse clients? Workers can at times feel out of their depth with this topic or even unaware of how their unconscious biases may be harming trans clients.

This training helps delegates both learn about trans people and unlearn things that may be getting in the way of supportive relationships.

From their lengthy experience working with trans and gender diverse people in a number of settings, Sam looks at not just the stereotypical trans story that we may be familiar with, but at the diversity of trans experiences and those that intersect with them.

Why choose Sam Hope as a Trans Awareness trainer?

  • Culturally competent training based on more than mere personal experience
  • Experience working with trans men, women and non-binary people, and substantial community organising, advocacy and campaigning work
  • Up to date knowledge of research, terminology and issues
  • Understanding of the impact of other differences alongside being trans – e.g. age, race, disability
  • Cross-cultural understanding of gender variance
  • Flexible to the unique requirements of individual organisations, with broad experience delivering training
  • Session length and group size flexible to your needs
  • Interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion

“The training was pitched correctly at the audience, was interesting and informative without being overloading . I sat through two sessions with a different audience in each one, it felt very different and generated a wealth of discussion. I love your gentle , honest training approach and how you shared your own personal experiences.”
– Buxton Community School

“A great training experience delivered by a very honest and open trainer giving the group real insight. Sam’s style is very sensitive, calm and enabling giving everyone the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. Everyone in the group said they had learned something new, a great day”
– Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Cultural competence in working with and supporting trans and gender diverse people
  • Gaining an understanding of issues that affect trans and gender diverse people
  • Gaining an understanding of trans people’s legal rights
  • Working more knowledgeably and sensitively with trans and gender diverse people
  • Etiquette and best practice in terms of use of language and facilitating access
  • Debunking society’s myths and assumptions about trans people
  • Understanding the wide variation that exists in the trans community – moving away from inaccurate stereotypes
  • Exploring the specific issues and needs of service users and workers in your organisation
  • An understanding of the biopsychosocial underpinning of trans experiences
  • Culturally competent language and approaches to working with gender diversity
  • Mental health, trans people and the minority stress model
  • What trans clients feed back about helpful and unhelpful interventions

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