My mum was just six when World War Two broke out. She once told me of her huge fear of German invasion. Her young self imagined if the Nazis came, she would be excessively nice and polite to them and maybe they would be nice to her.

At least my mum understood why she had the urge to be nice to Nazis. There was no pretence that this was about compassion or building a kinder world or a rule to live by — treating people as you would like to be treated.

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GUEST BLOGGER: Sam Hope On Why The ICTA Project Will Change Trans Healthcare For The Better

There are moments in life when you feel like you’re doing something that’s going to make a difference. Getting the role as Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Lead for the Integrating Care for Trans Adults (ICTA) Project was one of those moments.

I do a lot of training, consultancy and engagement work on trans issues and at times I feel like that mythical guy pushing the boulder up the hill only for it to roll back down again (I know, I know, his name was Sisyphus). But I can feel change in the air regarding trans healthcare. Bleak as things are, I have hope.

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Counselling Gentleman Jack – therapist Sam Hope considers Anne Lister

Because Anne Lister’s identity has been the subject of much discussion, I thought it might be interesting to imagine her time-travelling into my therapy room, and in the process look at what trans affirmative counselling looks like when working with someone who may or may not be trans.

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Cis allies versus transphobes – when and how to engage

This blog came out of a conversation with an ally about when and how to engage with anti-trans campaigners. Here are my top tips for how cis allies can be helpful in the fight against transphobic hate… Read More


There is a big conversation happening currently about abuse and sexual violence, one that is going beyond the single narrative of violence by men towards women. For LGBT+ people, and particularly trans people, who whatever their gender are disproportionately abused, this is very important… Read More

Creating a lie: How trans women are portrayed as predators

Today’s blog is about claims that keep surfacing online that trans women show “male patterns of violence” and how that trope has managed to be perpetuated without evidence, and has contributed to a hostile climate where reform to the Gender Recognition Act has stalled… Read More


Some thoughts about unconscious bias from a therapist’s perspective, with a handy resource list at the end of the article…

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