My fees and way of working

I work from a Person-Centred perspective based on equality, empowerment, respect, non-judgement, acceptance and understanding. A Person-Centred Counsellor does not act as an “expert” who has all the answers to your problems but a companion on your journey to find the answers that are right for you. It is important that the counselling explores what you want to explore and is based on your needs and expectations.

I am qualified to work with adults and young people. I am happy to explore any issues that are troubling you. Please see my qualifications and experience for more information on my previous areas of work and training.

  • Fees for therapy, supervision and consultancy is on a sliding scale of £30-£60 per full hour.
  • The standard fee, i.e. for a person of average income and overheads, is £50 per session
  • The fee for a person with above-average income and average overheads is £60 per session.
  • I have a limited availability (up to a maximum of 50% of my appointments) to see clients at a reduced fee of between £30 and £45 per hour.
  • I may, when I have capacity, offer lower cost or pro bono work but this is necessarily limited.

We can negotiate what you’re able to pay prior to or during the first meeting. Initial one hour meetings will be free for all ongoing work involving monthly or more frequent appointments. By email, we may exchange a few brief emails before agreeing to work together, and these won’t be charged. In the initial session/email exchange we can talk through whether and how we can work together, and make an informal counselling agreement or supervision agreement.