Online counselling

Online counselling gives you the option of working with a counsellor without leaving your home. There are many reasons this can be helpful, such as because of difficulties travelling to sessions or wanting to access a specialist service that’s geographically remote.

I currently offer 3 forms of online counselling – online chat, face to face via video conferencing, and email. Face to face is just like any face to face counselling session, only via a webcam. Chat is text-based:  a real-time session where we chat back and forth via text. Some find this easier than talking and are more able to open up. Email gives you the chance of composing what you want to say in your own time, and my response timescales will be agreed between us.

Please note that as with all internet use, there is a theoretical reduction of privacy and confidentiality when sharing information online. I will, however, make sure that I am fully data protection compliant in the use and storage of any information. I use Zoom as a platform because it has end to end encryption.

I was trained in online counselling by Relate.

Please contact me to discuss your needs further and explore this option with me.