Unconscious Bias: Working With Difference

A while ago I wrote about Challenging Unconscious Bias in the Therapy Room. At the end I listed some of my favourite resources for widening understanding and experience of difference. They are far from comprehensive, and may well reflect my own unconscious biases – please let me know what’s missing, and share your own favourites!

I also run my own Unconscious Bias Training course for professionals.

To begin to look at your biases and explore your advantages, as well as the Harvard Implicit Association Test, there is:

Some eye-opening online articles:

Some important online videos:

Websites to browse or follow on social media:

Amazing People

On top of the people featured in the above articles and videos, here are some other people worth learning more about – and some surprising things still to learn about people we think we may already know.

Must-see films:

Must-read Books:

  • Feminism is For Everyone by Bell Hooks
  • Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine