Testimonials – Training

Trans Awareness Training:

“The training was pitched correctly at the audience, was interesting and informative without being overloading . I sat through two sessions with a different audience in each one, it felt very different and generated a wealth of discussion. I love your gentle , honest training approach and how you shared your own personal experiences.” – Buxton Community School

“A great training experience delivered by a very honest and open trainer giving the group real insight. Sam’s style is very sensitive, calm and enabling giving everyone the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. Everyone in the group said they had learned something new, a great day”- Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

Counselling CPD Days:

“Understanding, strong facilitator”

“Excellent trainer, very informative”

“The trainer was very good at gauging the group’s knowledge and needs . . .  was adaptive and flexible and so managed to keep the training relevant throughout the day.”

“calm and supportive presence in facilitating the group”

“what an amazing experience in a group where people felt able to be how they wanted to be.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the open discussions. I’m still mulling things over.”

“I Enjoyed the workshop very much, it raised a lot of questions and I shall be processing it all for some time.”

“Enjoyable, despite the topic!” (Domestic violence training)

“Loved the day – very useful, informative and a great group”

“I found it to be very informative and well balanced.”

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