Record keeping and online security

  • There are limitations to online security, however I will endeavour to keep all your data as secure as possible by using encryption software for online sessions and a secure email.
  • I keep brief, anonymised factual notes about our sessions. They are kept in a password-protected document in a digitally secure location.
  • I keep a card index of client contact details in a locked box. This is the only way of tying client details to notes.
  • You may request to view notes at any time, and can amend any inaccurate information within them. They exist solely for the purpose of our work together, however in rare cases where they are relevant to a court case they may be required as evidence and be requested through a Court Order.
  • Clinical client notes will be kept for 7 years after our last contact, and also after the client reaches the age of 18, and then destroyed.
  • I use an encrypted email. Our email history can be deleted at your request.
  • I will store your number on my password protected phone in an anonymised way. I will only send texts that do not breach your confidentiality. Our text history can be deleted at your request.
  • I am also registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller, and will remain GDPR compliant