Brown, trans, queer, Muslim and proud – Sabah Choudrey’s powerful TED talk

Man or Woman? Who’s to say? Alok Vaid-Menon talks about dichotomy (contains swearing)

Laverne Cox’s speech at Creating Change 2014. [See also this excellent Interview]

How To Be A Girl: A Mother And Her Transgender Daughter Explore Gender

Things not to say to a trans person – Free Speech – BBC Three

Lana [Matrix co-director] Wachowski’s (amazing) HRC visibility award acceptance speech

My Genderation, CN  [About being Genderqueer][more great stories at My Genderation]

6 Months on T Comparison [A trans man speaks to his pre-testosterone self]

Brynn Tannehill’s amazing keynote address to the 2014 Trans Pride Pittsburgh National Convention

The Future Of Trans Representation In The Media

Gender identity: ‘How colonialism killed my culture’s gender fluidity’

The transgender struggle for freedom [an Indian perspective on the experience of trans men, feminism and caste]

Daphna Joel – Are brains male or female? [interesting TED talk, although it does not discuss how the ideas can be extrapolated to trans folk]

Gender Analysis with Zinia Jones [a youtube series]

Female & Male Identity: Looking The Part [A Diva magazine hosted seminar at the Women of the World Festival 2013]

Non-binary Is Made Up [a youtube video examining the actual biological reality of gender, asking whether gender is is a social construct, and looking into what exactly that means for the validity of non-binary genders.]

Disclosure [Netflix documentary – leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community]